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Slice 285 of 365

Lately I’ve been seeing a meme on Facebook asking, “Who was your best friend when you were eight?” I turned eight in third grade. My school was George G. White, my teacher was Mrs. Goldberg and her classroom was on the courtyard side, just down the hall from the office. Mrs. Goldberg was the first teacher I ever saw outside of school. I saw her in the Stop and Shop and told my mother she must have escaped.

I did not have very many friends in grade school. I was bullied, which meant anyone who was friends with me was bullied by association. I did have one friend from Cub Scouts, Jason Method, who was not afraid to be seen with me since he was a target too. We were two peas in a pod, as different as night and later than night.

I remember going to his house for the first time. He lived at the edge of town in an apartment above a storefront. I had only been out of the Bronx for two years and had no idea there were apartments in the suburbs.

Our biggest difference was that he was a G.I. Joe man and I was an Action Jackson man. Now, since I haven’t seen an Action Jackson since the 70s and G.I. Joe is still around I guess he made the right choice. I remember bringing in my action figure (not even sure that was a term then) and showing it to him, he was so mad. That was in second grade, and was Mrs.Elsworth. Her room was at the other end of the hall from Mrs. Goldberg’s and was by the Liberty Ave. exit.

Jason moved, in fifth grade I think it was, to Wisconsin. We kept in touch for a year or two using cassette tapes but it faded eventually. I’ve tried to look for him on Facebook but no luck. I do wonder sometimes what became of him and if he remembers me.

Mostly I wonder if he’d answer the question the same way I did. I’d like to think so.

Until tomorrow…