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Slice 284 of 365

Working at home, Mondays never meant much to me. Yes, I had to get up and work, and still get Becca to school but it wasn’t very stressful. Now it’s Sunday night and I’m already thinking about the commute tomorrow and what I have to do when I get to work. I haven’t felt that way for a long time.

Tuesdays are just the ugly cousins of Mondays. The only good thing about them is they lead to Wednesday.

Wednesday, aka hump day, gets better as the day wears on.

Thursday is almost my favorite day. It has all the anticipation of the end of the week wrapped up in one day but you’re not quite there.

Friday doesn’t need much of an explanation. Friday at around 4:00 might be the very worst time of the week. Time slows down at that point. Every minute that passes is slower than the previous one.

All I have to say about Saturday is ahhhhhhhh………

Sunday is that ugly cousin of Saturday. All is well until about 6:00 when you realize you wasted your whole weekend and in twelve hours you have to get up for work.


Until tomorrow…