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Slice 283 of 365

With my new job I have so much less time than I used to. It’s amazing what not being home already after a day’s work does to you. It used to be I’d just put my laptop to sleep and then go sit on the couch. I was vegging by two- three o’clock and then got Becca by whenever she needed me that day.

But now, now I have to turn off my computer, say goodbye to people, get in my car and drive home, picking Becca up along the way, and sometimes groceries. What the hell. I need a time turner. Big bonus points if you smiled because you immediately knew what that was. Bigger bonus points for knowing which book.

I’m probably losing an extra 10-12 hours a week in commuting. It doesn’t sound like a lot until you add it up. That’s over 500 hours a year just driving. That’s over 12 weeks of driving a full time (40 hours a week) job.

That’s 500 less hours writing. Lets say I average 500 words an hour, I don’t know what it really is, I’m completely speculating. That’s 250,000 words, which is approximately three books.

So, commuting is already making me write three less books, damn it! Maybe I should write a book on commuting.

I need to figure out a new schedule now. Maybe writing in the morning. I’d have to get up pretty early to do that.

It’s astonishing how much I forgot about having a real job. The driving, the people interaction, the meal planning, and the chores to come home too.

I guess it’s come down to, I need to invent time travel since nobody else has done it yet. I better get to work.

Until tomorrow… (unless I invent time travel tonight then it could be when ever, or maybe I already did and this is from the future where I have ten best sellers and five blockbuster movies)