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Slice 281 of 365

Jersey Justice, the paperback, has been out and available for ten days now. It’s sold a dozen copies so far, and a few more reviews have been posted. Several local friends have ordered copies and one was over recently. She brought it with her. It was so odd to see somebody else carrying a copy when I knew exactly where my copy was. Suddenly there were two copies in my house, and one was an actual purchase!

I still have to sign that copy, and I still don’t know what to say. Maybe I’ll just sign them all “Good luck” or “Best Regards”. Not sure that will go over very well. I’ll figure it out. My handwriting is terrible. I need to do it in a good pen and not rush.

Marketing (the black hole of time) continues around the new job as does writing. There is definitely less time to do either, let alone anything else. I imagine my posts will be shorter unless I get a third or fourth wind.

On to the next task.

Until tomorrow…