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Slice 280 of 365

I got a little reminder tonight about perspective. My dear friend, Cori, asked me for a small favor. She was fried from work, and asked if I could proofread their newsletter. Newsletter for what you ask? Cori is a head honcho at Stepping Stones, which is a local women’s shelter. Her mother, the PHD head, head honcho, started the shelter 35 years ago.

Cori is my book cover designer, so I figured tit for tat. Nah, not really, I would have looked it over regardless. It was upon my reading the newsletter that I was reminded of how much support, education and just plain love the organization provides. Of course, them providing services means there are women and children who unfortunately need those services.

Stepping Stones operates several thrifts stores and a coffee shop (where I occasionally write, drop by and have a breakfast sandwich. Tell Brandon I sent you!) to help support the shelter. There is also an enormous amount of community support.

We donate to, and shop at the thrift stores. We frequent the coffee shop. We’ve volunteered at the thrift stores. The newsletter brought a new opportunity to my attention that I didn’t know existed, a community ambassador. Basically, as I understood it, a voice to help spread the word among the community and help tell these women’s stories. I do believe that’s something I could be good at. I’ll investigate further.

Every time I frequent any one of the stores, for whatever reason, I think about the women and their children who might be in the shelter at that very moment. I’m saddened they need to be there, but I’m glad it’s there and available to them.

No More.

Until tomorrow…