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Slice 278 of 365

Too many things seem to be happening all at the same time right now, and I need my wits (what’s left) for starting the new job tomorrow. Right now, I just want to run away, and build a blanket fort somewhere, and read comics books, and drink a gallon of chocolate milk. Perhaps some chocolate chip cookies and ice cream The chocolate milk has too many calories though. Oh, who cares.

And I’m completely winging this because I have no ideas at all. Watching a thunderstorm out the window, and comparing it to the radar on my phone and iPad and they don’t match. The radar says it should be raining when it’s not, and the rain is pouring down indifferent to the radar.

It looks nice though. The wind through the trees with the gray back drop, and the echoing thunder lingering as the steady rain (despite what the radar say) pounds down.

Made sauce and meatballs with Becca this morning, that smells delish. Not sure I can wait two more hours to eat. Have to make the garlic bread a little later and then time to mangia!

That’s enough useless crap for today. I need all my energy for mañana.

Until tomorrow…