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Slice 276 of 365

I have a new job! Work this year, for me at least, has been the slowest it has ever been. I knew in the past that there were slow periods, but I was always lucky enough to also be working on a product that wasn’t affected, so I never noticed the sluggish times.

Last year those other products were no longer an option and I had my first scare in January and then again into the fall. It happened again this past January, and definitely over the summer. I started looking for a a job last fall because I was just plain scared of not enough work. I spent a lot of time cutting expenses and selling things plus putting the house on the market. Still trying to sell things.

The new job is less money, so cutting expenses was a good preemptive strike. If the house would sell that would be very helpful. Hopefully I’ll still be putting in 10-12 hours a week at the old place during busier times.

The new job is web maintenance/marketing-social media/accounting. It will be strange going out to work everyday, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m about as excited as I am terrified. Taking Becca to school is killing me on gas, at least now I’ll have some place to continue on to.

Maybe it will make me use my free time more efficiently. I’ll probably have to cook less, cook more on weekends to freeze. Throwing in laundry during the day will be a thing of the past. I’ll have to plan my lunches in advance. I’ll get to dress nicer (even though it’s very casual) and wear a lot of my nicer things more often if I choose. Which will create more laundry that I can no longer do during the day. Not going to stress over it. Who am I kidding, my heart is already racing.

Change is not my friend, I’m not very fond of it. In this case though, I do think this place will be good for me. I think the couple who runs it will be good for me too. Just a feeling I got from our meeting.

That kind of change I could definitely use.

Until tomorrow…