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Slice 274 of 365

Jersey Justice, the paperback, is now available on Amazon! It was 118 days ago that my backer fist spoke to me about it. Less than four months for reading, editing, rereading, cover design, and problems I didn’t even know existed, to having an e-book and a paperback available for sale. Not to mention ten chapters written on the sequel.

I haven’t stopped looking at the proof book since it arrived this week. It still doesn’t seem real. The only person I’ve been able to show it to so far is Becca! Her reaction was good though, just what I’d hoped for. I don’t know what to do with it now. Put it on my book shelf I suppose. Do I sign one to myself?

The next book should go faster, now that I have a better idea where all the pit falls are. I’ll make sure both versions of the cover art are done at the same time. I know how each version needs to be formatted now. I know approximately how long editing takes. I know that the uploaded files for Kindle and the paperback need to be approved, and are not ready immediately.

Most importantly, though (I think), I know to have all this done before I start picking release dates.

I think I want to go back 119 days and change my plans for the next day.

Until tomorrow…