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Slice 272 of 365

The proof copy for the book came today! I knew it was coming, and I was like a kid waiting for Christmas. I wasn’t sure how it was being shipped, so I was checking the flag on the mailbox all morning. Finally I saw it up, and I was going out to check it when the UPS truck pulled in. The delivery man was having trouble finding the package in the truck, so I went to retrieve the mail while he searched. The mail didn’t make any difference any more now I assumed.

The driver found my package, and I went inside, dumping the mail, mostly junk, on the counter. I ripped into the cardboard package like Tiny Tim into the Christmas goose, and there it was. Look Geppetto, it’s a real book! It had a cover, and pages and everything.

There are only a few things in my almost fifty years that I’ve held that were that amazing, and my three kids are among them. I flipped through the pages, made sure there were page numbers, that the chapters were in the right order, and basically just kept gawking wondering if it was real. I’m looking at it right now, next to me. It sure looks real enough. Saying it’s surreal is an understatement.

The book is bigger than I thought. I just took the default size offered which was 6in. x 9in. I didn’t measure it out. I figured it was the default setting, so it must just be right. Not that it’s wrong, it’s just a bit bigger making it thinner and less pages. I’ll keep the same format for the rest of the Jersey series (because it took so much time to figure it out!), but after that, I think I will go smaller.

A spike in sales would be nice! It’s been a month since the ebook came out and a boost there would be great too. I have to admit though, I do prefer the feel of a real book in my hands.

Especially when it has my name on it.

Until tomorrow…