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Slice 271 of 365

Why is it that people think I need their unsolicited advice on how to sell my house? I got some today, in what I thought was quite a rude a way. It’s the usual cliche things that people always say too. I was a Realtor for five years, I’m not exactly a stranger to this.

All that little crap doesn’t work when there is bigger, more glaring crap on top of it. It needs the right buyer, just like any house does. It only takes one. This person, even had the gall to suggest lowering the price, without knowing one damn detail about anything, including how much the current asking price is.

What is it with people? Everybody would do better if they minded their own freaking business. Maybe it would have been different if it were a close friend, but it wasn’t. It was a volunteer coordinator, who I would consider barely an acquaintance, and their condescension was not helpful or welcome.

That’s enough venting for today.

Until tomorrow…