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Slice 269 of 365

So, the book cover for the paperback was not accepted by createspace.com because of some technical issues that were way over my head. I sent the e-mail to my friend, and she at least understood the error messages and their meanings.

We spent some time today hopefully fixing the image. I say hopefully because the messages weren’t exactly detailed. The book cover is made up of several different images, and it wasn’t entirely clear which images were the problem. My buddy played the process of elimination game and thinks she corrected it all.

I uploaded it again just before I started writing the post today. We’ll see what happens.It takes 24 hours for review. Maybe 9/15 will work out for a release date. I think for the sequel I may do text only. The breaking point of all this being too much trouble is starting to creep over the horizon. Not at a gallop quite yet but the horse is definitely antsy.

On the bright side my other buddy gave me her first forty pages to read yesterday. I’ve only gotten through chapter one so far, I thought I’d get further but life got in the way. She complements my writing all the time, but boy if I had the funds to back her I would. She sells herself too short. I love her descriptive style.

At least the one thing I can do is give her all the experience I have gained doing this, so she doesn’t make the same mistakes. Well, if I’m famous by that point, I can give her a review quote for her cover at least!

Until tomorrow…