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Slice 264 of 365

I had the best job interview today that I found on Craigslist. I was there for over ninety minutes. It’s a business (several actually) run by a gay couple. I’m not sure why I felt the need to clarify that. It was run by a woman or a black man I wouldn’t have mentioned it. I suppose, I mention it because they brought it up right away. Apparently, in good ‘ole Prescott, there are people who would rather not work with them, imagine that!

I hate job interviews and was very anxious, but after I found out that they weren’t republican, religious zealot, rednecks, I calmed down some. They were laid back and very honest, which was so nice to see and hear. The job sounded exciting, but scary at the same time. There are several companies involved and it sounds like there will always be several balls in the air at the same time. They’re very flexible, which works great with Becca’s schedule. It sounds like a great place for potential growth.

The best thing was, that I just felt good around them. They had a ton of positive energy, which I need more of. They said they’d make a decision by Thursday. They had committed to three other interviews. I feel really good about it. It will be less than I’m making now, but I just can’t take the unreliability of the work any more. There are mostly part timers there, so hopefully, I’ll just lower my hours there, and it will help to make up the difference. We’ll see how that flies.

Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow…