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Slice 263 of 365

I have many weaknesses. Gooey movies, women, my kids, but mostly junk food, cookies, cake, chips, brownies, to name a few.  My Kryptonite (besides chocolate, that’s just a given), though, is ice cream. Almost any flavor (the more stuff in it, along with chocolate, the better), and time of the year is fine with me. I don’t care if it’s below zero outside. it’s always time for ice cream.

This time of year, when it’s hot, Becca and I tend to drift toward ice cream more often. OK, I drift, she just happily follows. We’ve been three times in the last week, including tonight, interrupting the writing of this post. Normally I would concern myself with the calorie count, but somehow I always manage to find justification.

I’m still down the weight I lost in the hospital, so for the last week that has been my justification. I don’t think I’m quite back to eating regularly yet.

Before Joey moved, a bunch of his friends were playing volleyball once a week. I got myself invited, and discovered they go for frozen yogurt afterwards, essentially ice cream, close enough for government work. So, of course, playing volleyball before hand was only to work off the frozen yogurt, which was my entire purpose for being there any way. It’s a self serve type of place, and I’m pretty famous for always having more toppings than actual frozen yogurt.

I can’t keep ice cream in the house any more. I would just sit down with a quart and finish it at one sitting without thinking twice. That goes for about any junk food.

Go out and get your self some ice cream!

That is all.

Until tomorrow…