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Slice 262 of 365

I got my first three star review today. It wasn’t a bad review. As a matter of fact except for one small thing I thought it was a smashing review. The reviewer, who I sent a free copy to, and I believe lives in India, commented on the perverted thoughts Jimmy has about his sister, Carmen.

I can see how it might read that way. I did it for two reasons. One, it was funny to me, and it was fun to write. But two, the more important reason, was to show that a women’s sexuality, any women, can be so strong, that it can, and will affect any man, it doesn’t matter who.

I don’t want to get into a big debate about it, but it was a comment on women, not all of them of course, using their assets to get what they want. And I like to do over the top to get the laughs, which is why Carmen is written that way, and why Jimmy’s private thoughts leak out in perverted ways. I have great respect for humans on a whole, but just a bit more respect for women for all the crap they have to take.

I get to say things I would never say out loud when I write (there are people laughing right now, because I don’t usually have a problem saying inappropriate things…). Not that I have perverted thoughts about my own sister or that everything Jimmy, or any of the characters, say are my own, actual thoughts. There just has to be lots of different personalities running around in my head to write for the different characters.

Another reason I enjoy writing over the top things like that, is to get strong reactions, good or bad. To me, making people feel, even if it’s angry or pissed off, is what I want. Get those juices flowing for or against the characters. Love ’em or hate ’em, just don’t forget them.

There was a comment about grammar and language too, which I have no doubt, there were still some errors. That’s still a learning curve for me, editor or no editor. For the sequel, I think I’m already developing better grammar habits. Hopefully that will show when the editor sees this one. Hopefully it’s been showing here too.

All in all, I’m glad I asked her to review the book, and I respect and appreciate her honesty. I also enjoyed hearing her take on it, it’s interesting to see how different people see and take things.  I can’t wait to see more as they come in.

Until tomorrow…