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Slice 261 of 365

Not a lot of time today. Actually had some work, yay! Have to cook dinner and then heading out to an event. So, today may be kind of boring, as I really have no ideas, and am just sitting here typing whatever comes into my head. Looks like this will be the only writing getting done today too.

I was doing editorial work on calculus all day, so, my brain is not functioning at a very high capacity anyway. Mush is currently in my head. I enjoyed math in school, i still do. My oldest son and his girlfriend majored in it. It’s hard for me to read all these quiz questions and not be able to study them further.

I get like that too when I work on history books. I just want to sit down and read them, but I don’t get paid for that. Sometimes I’ll work on grammar books. With the writing taking more presence in my life, I have a renewed interest in correct grammar. Ironically I’m sure there are mistakes in this post. Learning is a slow process to say the least.

Off to make dinner. Pot roast sandwiches.

Until tomorrow…