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Slice 260 of 365

It seems the cover for the paperback may be done! I need to check it and see if we need any adjustments. After that it needs to be uploaded, and I need to order one copy to see how it looks. If it looks good it can go live for the end of the month! Yay! Thank you Cori! It will be nice for something to go right.

I felt bad bugging her this whole time. She signed up to do the e-book, and at the time, I had no idea the paperback would be so different. The spine and the back cover had to be accounted for. The things you don’t think about when you have no idea. She’s going to hide for the next one!

I’ve seen the book, as a whole with the eBook cover, in the Createspace website preview (Amazon’s print partner), and it looks like a real book. It was surreal. Holding a copy in my hands will be a feeling I have yet to experience. Can’t wait to upload the new cover and have a look.

There have been several people who have specifically requested print copies. I’m hoping it will jump start sales for both mediums. I’ve been told, I should order several to have on hand at home. I’ll have to see what happens.

For now, I’m very happy that it’s closer than it was yesterday. At least for the sequel, and all the other literary marvels to follow, I’ll know what to expect. And I have all the marketing and social media already up and running, that turned out to be most of the battle.

It turns out, actually writing the book, is really the easy part.

Who’d thunk it?

Until tomorrow…