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Slice 258 of 365

I like to think of myself as a nonconformist. I’m fairly certain, that I see myself that way more than other people do. I like to do my, thinking outside the box, from safely inside my box, that is securely taped shut and positioned out of the sun. Schrodinger’s cat lives in there with me.

I can think outside it by occasionally poking my head out, and then quickly shutting it. The cat stays at the bottom so you can’t see it. I won’t say what its status is, but it does kind of smell in the box. There is no shower in there, so there’s a chance the odor is just me.

There is also no food in the box, so there is a small chance that I need to rethink this. The question is, do I rethink it inside or outside the safety of my box?

There seems to be just as many questions inside the box as outside the box.

I have no idea what all the questions are, inside or outside the box, but I’m absolutely, positively sure that the answer is ice cream. And ice cream is outside the box.

So out it is. Good kitty.

Until tomorrow…