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Slice 256 of 365

It’s hot! (and no, not Tony Curtis) It has been a relatively cool summer here in the mountains of north central AZ. We’ve only had a few 90+ days, and today was one of them. The next few days will be up there too and then back down to the mid 80s. Summer time is our monsoon season, so even when it’s hot a lot of the time it’s cloudy, which is very helpful.

We have no air conditioning (long story) so we’re always creative on hot days about trying to go out. Most everything here is a thirty minute drive away, so in a pinch we head to the grocery story for a long walk up and down every aisle, maybe twice! There is always the movies or the mall. The long drive in the cool car is helpful.

The house isn’t too bad until after lunch. Fans running, work for a while, but dinner time until bed time is the most uncomfortable portion of the day. This is when I normally write the blog and the hot laptop on my lap is not fun.

At night fans in the bedroom window’s bring in the cool air.

Heck, people lived without anything for thousands of years. Technology may have made us smarter, but it’s also made us wimps.

Before you know it, we’ll be complaining about the cold anyway.

Until tomorrow…