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Slice 255 of 365

I hit 500 Twitter followers today. Seems like it should be a big accomplishment, but it’s not reflected in sales. Not yet at least. Only a few sales this week, but more reviews were posted.  All four and five stars. Heading into week three.

Twitter is like a game you constantly have to play. You have to pick and choose who you follow, hoping they will follow you back, and have the the type of followers that are good for you, when, and if, they retweet your tweets. Once a week or so I go through who I follow to see if they are still worth following. I’m following around 2,000 people so I don’t do it all at once obviously, but it is a constant updating game.

People like when you retweet them because then their tweet gets out to all your followers. I’ve noticed that if I do that, there’s a decent chance they will follow me, and hopefully retweet my stuff. Last week, through a series of retweets, I had a post go out to over 100K people in a few minutes. Who actually read it is a different story.

At 498 followers I offered my 500th follower a free copy of the book. Followers dropped to 495 before popping to 504. I cringe every time I lose a follower, but they’re probably just doing the same thing I am. I have to be less emotionally involved. It’s just business. No it’s not!

It’s all about the hashtags. There are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many!! Also a lot of shorthand, which I’m not fond of, but with Twitter it’s a necessity. I researched hashtags for writers, and came up with over 200 of them. I already use some on a regular basis, but they probably don’t stand out because everybody is using them.

Twitter never stops either. in the time it took me to write that last paragraph over 200 tweets (people I follow) came and went in my browser tab.

Getting obsessed could be very easy, but who has the time? Margaret Cho followed me as I was writing this. I was very excited until i saw she’s following more people than she has followers. Probably just a marketing thing, but I’ll take it.

Until tomorrow…