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Slice 254 of 365

Facebook and Twitter have been a wealth of information (and scams) for book and author promotion and advertising.  I’ve been lucky enough to find a person I trust, who also happens to live in AZ. She will promote me, and the book, for three months for an insanely reasonable fee. And I say reasonable, with the fact that I’ve worked about 3 1/2 days in the last four weeks, between the surgery and work being slow, and I still jumped at it.

The reason I trust her is, she started promoting me before she even sent me a quote. She will work all my social media accounts and add some. She’ll promote on her web site, all groups she is associated with and more. I get the feeling that when the paperback is ready, she’d be willing to stand on street corners trying to sell to passing cars.

It’s nice to have that attitude in my corner, plus having a little off my plate. She is super nice too!

I’m sure I will be sharing her work so be on the lookout!

Until tomorrow…