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Slice 251 of 365

Short on energy again today, but feeling creative. So, I’m just going to randomly make up some titles off the top of my head along with first lines. Whether they be for books, TV, movies, whatever. To me, today, they’re just titles. 🙂 Dibs on all of them, just in case…

The Road to Hell – The air was stale with smoke and the stench of charred flesh.

Kisses in the Rain – Today, she ran the loop around the lake with abandon.

The Grass Grows Green – I looked out my window over Chicagoland, and let the soothing rays of the sun wash over me.

The Assassin Factory – He knew what pulling the trigger meant, it meant the end of a life.

The Fall of Autumn – Her life would never be the same if she left, it would forever be the end.

Jupiter’s Honey – From this point in the galaxy, the stars were more brilliant than I could have ever imagined.

Unlucky Louie – “You did it again Louie,” said the guard, as he tossed him out for the third time that week.

Treetop Titans – It was a world vastly unexplored, hell it had barely been discovered.

Ivy Mist – The cold steel felt like ice against his skin, the exhilaration running through his body made him overly excited at this inappropriate time.

Pepper people – Five-year-old Suzie Watkins knew she had seen them, but nobody believed her.

Until tomorrow…