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Slice 248 of 365

It has been seven days since Jersey Justice went live. I went in with the hopes of expecting nothing. I have a very bad habit of expectations that run entirely too high. I had 23 sales this week. 22 on Amazon and one on goodreads. Between friends and family I kind of thought the first week would be a bit higher because of Facebook and Twitter promos, and then back off. Somehow, I’m always wrong figuring these things.

Amazon also gives me a pages read statistic. Seems a little Big Brotherish to me. 1,669 pages have been read so far. I’m not sure what to do with that figure. Somehow it must be useful, or why would they make it available?

I have four reviews, which in the first week seems pretty good to me. Especially with only 22 Amazon sales. They were all nice too, and two made me laugh.

I’m going to go into week two really expecting nothing, and try to get back into some kind of writing schedule. Hopefully the cover art for the print version will be done soon and I’ll have another release. We’ll see how that one goes and differs from the e-book. I’ll be curious.

Until tomorrow…