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Slice 247 of 365

Boy ‘O boy, I am feeling incredibly old after being in the hospital. The incision is still a little sore, especially when I bend, or just from sitting too long. It’s about three inches long starting at my belly button. I can’t lift more than 20 pounds, in general. No actual weight lifting. I’m still supposed to stick to softer foods. All for two to three more weeks.

The worst thing is, the simplest of things, tonight, peeling, chopping and sauteing some veggies, just completely wears me out. I’m hoping all that energy is going into healing. I forget that besides the incision, there’s stuff inside healing too.

Makes feel weak and I don’t like that. Besides, I can feel muscle mass just melting away. I was having trouble getting in exercise before, and now I can’t do anything but walk for the next several weeks. Check that, I can also do the stationary bike. About the only good things is, I lost seven pounds in the hospital.

The hospital bill came today. It almost put me back in the hospital. I could have stayed in a hotel for a year for what it cost. Gonna take the rest of my life to pay it off at ten bucks a month.

Oh well.

Until tomorrow…