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Slice 246 of 365

With Becca back home now I’m back to my life not being my own. She only came home yesterday, and dance classes already started today (which already conflicts with one of my activities…). Next week school starts, and I have to drive her back and forth, 40 minutes round trip, twice a day, four days a week.

Then there will be Girl Scouts when that starts up again. And who knows what high school activities she’ll get into that will require being driven too. I’m almost looking forward to her getting her driver’s license. Hard to believe that’s in about a year and a half.

In four years I suppose I’ll get my life back. What life though?

I’ll just have to start from the beginning.

It will be that much more time to write. Maybe I’ll move to LA near the boys. Depends on where Becca goes to school. Maybe I’ll just hitchhike around the world and blog about it. Maybe I’ll figure out how to make my cape work, I suppose I should read the directions.

Until tomorrow…