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Slice 245 of 365

Joey left for LA today, now I have two empty bedrooms. I feel terrible. I was supposed to be there when he moved in, but then I ended up in the hospital. His place wasn’t done being painted, and he ended up going three days later anyway. I guess the timing wouldn’t have worked out regardless, but I still feel lousy about it.

A little dribble below. I don’t have the energy for anything else today. Becca came today and I had to drive to Phoenix. It was a long day.

Two Empty Rooms

Two little boys, out on their own,
Somewhere along the way they have matured and grown.

I watched them flourish through the years,
Helping where I could, through the joys and the tears.

Flying the coop was always the plan,
It just seemed to end as quickly as it began.

Their pen will be mightier then their sword,
They better not forget me, when they win their first Academy Award…

Until tomorrow…