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Slice 244 of 365

Nope, not spring, summer, fall and winter.  TV seasons. My kids, mostly Joey, are amazing at seeing a rerun for just a few seconds, and knowing what season it’s from. Often times, Joey can even tell you the episode number. Now of course, the caveat being, this is only shows they watch.

I thought, that my life could be thought of as a TV show. It’s a sitcom-drama-reality-news-talkshow-gameshow-athon and it’s in its 49th continuous season.

The early seasons were spent building the character, and a fan base. The character changed and grew over the years.

Between seasons 25 and 35 I spawned three spin-offs, all of which are still on the air.

The show changed locations multiple times but never lost its footing.

Several important cast members were lost, but the show survived as best as it could and moved forward.

You’d think playing the same part for 49 seasons might get monotonous, but it’s changed so much, and so many times, and in so many ways, that it never seems to get boring.

I’m happy to keep playing the part as long they want me too. Being taken off the air before I’m ready might be sad, but who’s ever ready for that anyway?

Until tomorrow…