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Slice 240 of 365

Yesterday, I was getting nervous that my cover image for the book was not displaying. On the Amazon purchase page it said, Image not available. Of course, I panicked immediately, and sent Kindle an e-mail reflecting that panicked state. In the meantime I read their image requirements and discovered that it can take up to 72 hours to approve of cover art images. Whew… Ok, I thought to myself, no worries, and I went to bed.

I get up this morning and grabbed my phone to check in with the world, like every morning and find an e-mail from Kindle.

The cover image of your book has been rejected by our Kindle quality team due to the reason – “IMAGE FILE WAS CORRUPTED AND OF AN UNEXPECTED FORMAT .”


The panic set in again, and this time in concrete. Do I delay? Amazon has their own “build a cover” tool, do I do that instead as a quick fix? There was no way I’d be able to meet with my cover person in time, and get the image reposted for tomorrow. I texted my backer, I texted the boys.

Then I spoke, via Skype, to my friend and co-worker, Beth. There is no work today (it’s slow again), I just went on to check in, and she happened to be there, so, I asked her opinion. She made two suggestions, which I went ahead and did right away because I had nothing to lose.

I wasn’t expecting it to work, because obviously, the universe was punishing me for something, letting me get so close, and then pulling the rug out from under me. Out of curiosity I checked it five minutes later and the image was showing! Relief flooded through my body in ways that shouldn’t be legal. I’ve been checking it every ten minutes all day to make sure the image is still there.

All morning I tried and tried to view it as a small issue. Compared to the rest of the world it was nothing, but that didn’t stop my mind and body from riding the roller coaster at its mercy.

Oddly enough, I enjoy roller coasters, but when I’m ready for them.

Until tomorrow…