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Slice 239 of 365

You may assume by the title that I’m talking about bullying among children. Nope. I’m talking about adults. Now, there have always been adult bullies. My honest feeling about that is, these people were the same people who were bullies as children, and just never grew out if it.

Now though, we have a whole new breed of bully, and a lot more of them. You see talk all the time about cyber-bullying concerning children, but what about adults? For instance, right now, the lion killing dentist. This guy does a stupid thing that races through social media, and everybody with a keyboard becomes a bully.

Distance and anonymity make for good hiding places to throw stones from. Behind a keyboard and screen people say things they would never be caught dead saying in public. I’m not saying the guy wasn’t wrong. Honestly I don’t have a very strong opinion about it either way. It’s the fact that people feel they can attack him so publicly like that, that bothers me so much.

He’s just one example. Adults are bullied everyday online just like children are. Who has not done a stupid thing? We all have, we were just lucky enough that it wasn’t the particular right thing to go viral that week.

All the atrocities happening in the world on a daily basis, but we want to bully a dentist who did a dumb thing? Why? Because online we can be stronger than him?

How about we stand up to the real evils in the world instead? Like people who put pineapple on pizza.

I’m just saying folks, take a breath before you hit the enter key. Maybe think about your own rocks and glass house, and then hit delete instead.

Until tomorrow…