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Slice 238 of 365

I recently read a book by a friend of a friend. It was Kindle only, and it made me feel much better about my own book. First of all, it was riddled with typos. And, if you knew the irony in me finding typos, you’d be laughing twice as hard right now. It wasn’t well written, the story was very basic and unrealistic. It could have been a decent youth novel if it had been tweaked a bit.

I reviewed it and said nice things since there’s a loose connection to this person. Plus this person is from Jersey, so, I’m hoping they may read mine and review it. It’s kind of a game unfortunately.

I uploaded my final files for Kindle (which I think is actually going to change slightly now) today. I uploaded the final files for the print on demand as well, but it turns out I need the full wrap around cover art for that and not just the front. So, I’ve decided rather than putting it off another few weeks, that I’m just going to have two releases. One for Kindle, this Saturday, August 1, 2015. And later in the month another for the print on demand.

I worked half a day today, and I’m a little sore from sitting up so I’m going to call it done for today.

Short and sweet.

Until tomorrow…