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Slice 237 of 365

Right now I’m supposed to be in LA, spending ten days with my oldest son.

Am I?

No, I’m home recovering from an illness that could have happened at any other time in history. But no, it chose to ruin the one chance I had to go.

I was angry in the hospital, a lot. I wanted to see him. I needed desperately to get away from home and I was really looking forward to spending some time with Brooke. I chose my new work laptop specifically, so I could take this trip. Now it has to wait another whole year, if it can happen at all.

I was thinking pretty selfishly about all of it. All of this crap happening, missing work, another new debt, missing the trip, and what was I getting out of any of it?

Nothing, nada, zilch.

Just more aggravation.

But then I did get a small thing. I’m not sure it makes up for all of it, but it’s possible that if this hadn’t happened, I may not have gotten this. Several people stepped up for guest slices in my absence, and my kids all wrote things. Mike, Joey and Becca (Matt too!) that went deeper than usual, and it was nice to read the unabridged thoughts that I may not have seen otherwise.

Worth missing my trip, which will probably never happen again now?


But, it’s absolutely better than the alternative, which is nothing.

With this slice, I should now be caught up, and can just continue on normally, I hope. My birthday is just over four months away.

Until tomorrow…