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Slice 235 of 365

Today I got my final, final copy of Jersey Justice back and submitted it for copyright. That was kind of exciting. Uploading it for Kindle is easy peasy. It’s the Print on Demand that is new to me.

I have to put it in the correct format, which they provide a template for, but it isn’t really just copy and paste like they say it is. It will take a little finessing, which I’ll spend some time on this week.

My plan was to work half days this week to get back into the swing of things. I’m still pretty tired, and sitting up for half a day seems almost too much. Not sure it matters, it seems work is slow, so I may be able to work on the template all day tomorrow anyway.

August 1st is looking like a very doable release date. Joey is moving that day, so I’ll need something positive to counter balance it.

I think I will be caught up on slices tomorrow too. One guest dragging her feet just a little. 😉

Until tomorrow…