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Slice 234 of 365

There is an HGTV show called Flea Market Flip, that I love to hate. It’s premises, is setting two teams loose in a flea market, and they have to find, and transform items based on that day’s shows requirements which change each show. Then, after transformation they go sell the items at a flea market and see which team makes the bigger profit. How they figure that is, sold vs.cost, and that’s all.

So, the first part of the show are the teams shopping and haggling. All the haggles go smoothly, yeah right. Some of the items are just beautiful and some that should have been thrown away gain new lives, which always blows me away.

Next, it’s off to the workshop. Here the teams are given one day, and a full working shop with master craftsman at their disposal. This is where their simple profit margin theory goes out the window for me. Because, it’s been apparent on many episodes, that these teams have lofty ideas that they’re obviously hoping somebody else can execute.

In the workshop is also where perfectly gorgeous antiques sometimes get ruined by too much vision, and a lack of respect of the piece’s history. This is where my heart breaks the most. When my heart doesn’t have it’s eyes closed there are some pretty cool ideas and I love the idea of recycling anything and everything.

Then it’s off to sell! Sometimes it’s hard to watch this, depends on my mood. People buying things they don’t need for hundreds and hundreds of dollars is hard to watch. The team with the highest, ahem, profit, wins $5,000.

It’s like so many of those other shows, I try to look past the badly written banter and the lowest level concepts and just see the art.

The world needs more art, no matter what the form.

Until tomorrow…