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Slice 232 of 365

I have a couple of friends who lost a young friend this week. The wake is tomorrow. Through the grapevine, I heard the death was sudden. To me, that means it was unexpected, as in this person wasn’t sick or anything like that.

Made me think about Lisa and Stacy. I knew Lisa’s death was coming months in advance, and Stacy’s I didn’t know at all. So, you would call Stacy’s the sudden one.

I suppose there was some mental preparation for Lisa’s. I’ll never really know.

It’s the suddenness that I’ve been thinking of.

Regardless of whether you know it’s coming or not, death is sudden. One minute this person is here and the next minute, suddenly, they’re not.

That’s the suddenness, to me at least, that makes the sudden in sudden death, unnecessary.

Now, sudden wealth, that’s a term I’d like to hear.

Until tomorrow…