​Slice 229 of 365

A few months ago one of my dad’s slices was about his dad during his childhood, which was very disappointing. He’s told me stories about his childhood and how it wasn’t the greatest. Because of this, I think he did his best to make sure Mike and I had a good childhood. It was, for the most part. Due to things he couldn’t control there were times it was really bad, but he stayed strong and made sure that we got through it. Through the years there were times I was mad at him or maybe didn’t agree with him. But I’ve been mad at everyone I met at least once, even Mike.

​All the way through college to today, he has continued supporting Mike, Becca, and I. More recently he’s been worried about money, but even when I would call from college and ask to borrow money, he would still give it to me. Besides giving me food, a house, money, and so much more when I was a kid, he gave me what must’ve been thousands of dollars while I was in college. Even though Mike, Becca, and I might get annoyed with him sometimes, he always provides for us, even when it’s hard.

​A few months ago he was getting very little to no work, and he was really worrying about money. He was trying to find jobs anywhere. I don’t think he wanted me to, but I saw him applying to Walgreens and Safeway. There are a lot of people that would rather sit at home and do nothing and say those jobs are beneath them. Because of this, I have the utmost respect for my dad.

​I remember seeing a commercial several years ago that featured kids saying why their parents were their heroes. After the commercial, I walked over to my dad and told him he was my hero. My dad said that if you use the word hero too much then it’ll start to lose it’s meaning, but I think everyone has their own interpretation of what a hero is. Without my dad, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so he’s my hero.

Until tomorrow…