Slice 227 of 365

Felled by his intestine! They call it an intestinal block and it couldn’t have come at worse time for Vin Sorce. We’ve been watching as Vinnie gears up for the release of his first book and I have to admit, it has been inspirational to watch him do battle against all the blockage we all face mentally and physically on a daily basis only to be betrayed by his intestines.

 I know many times throughout the week (perhaps day) I find myself shopping, sitting in traffic, mentally knee deep in a thought and I am brought back to the reality that these are just impediment to finishing my first book. And here’s Vinnie, in the final steps of release (wow that can read wrong) and he is stopped with a legitimate reason. Then I have to stop and examine my previous thoughts! In the moment when I realized I could have been writing and finding myself admiring Vinnie for being almost done, did I wish this on him? Did I in a jealous rage offer a prayer that for once seems to be taken seriously?

 I can only hope not. Yet the smirk on my face betrays me.

 Instead of finding more guilt to weight down my conscious I will use this moment as a chance to reexamine the many blockages we all face throughout our lives that keep us from accomplishing something that will make us happier, successful, just feel better and once acknowledging that blockage, see if I can find a detour!

 Feel better Vinster! Now, get back to work!