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Slice 226 of 365

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel today is the time to come clean. I cannot carry these burdens any longer. I’ve been going back and forth long enough, and it’s finally time to tell the world my secrets.

I’m white.  I know, I know. The courage it took to admit that is too much to discuss in these short words, but there is more.

I’m also male. I know, it’s shocking. I’ve been denying it for far too long. I am anatomically correct and was born this way, it’s not a choice.

There is one last thing. I’m also straight. You read it correctly, I’m a flaming hetero. On some level I’ve always known, but to be sure now is such a load to have off my shoulders. I believe the straight community will embrace me with open arms

I want to thank my family for standing by me through these critical and confusing times of discovering my true self, a white, straight, male.

So, do I just get an award now, or do I need to apply for it somewhere? Is there a cost, because that could be an issue.

I just bought a Confederate flag today, and it was kind of expensive.

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes folks. From soldiers on the battlefield, to Caitlyn Jenner, to first responders, to single parents with two jobs going back to school, and millions more.

We’re all heroes just for getting out of bed in the morning.

It’s not a contest, stop making it one.

Until tomorrow…