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Slice 225 of 365

Using a writing prompt is a good way to get the juices flowing. So I hear at least, I’ve never tried one. Not yet at least. Yesterday’s first line post put me in the mood to make up my own writing prompts. It sounded fun, and I just have no ideas or energy for anything else today.

So, away we go!

You’re about to have a head on collision. Write about the seconds just before the crash, from the car’s perspective.

You’re a convicted killer sitting in the electric chair. Your victim’s family is here to watch. What are you thinking? Do you say anything to them?

You’ve just been transported back in time, and you find yourself shaking hands with Hitler. What do you say?

You’re an Olympic swimmer, and the day before your event you’ve had a car accident. While still in the car, being rescued, you’re positive you’re going to lose your leg. What’s going through your head?

You recall a time you broke a neighbor’s window as a child and didn’t fess up. You go back to make amends but the couple has since died. Their daughter, who now lives there, remembers you. Without warning, she kisses you. Finish the scenario.

You discover, twenty years later, that your best friend in high school murdered his parents. You were his alibi, and defended him, as a best friend should, without knowing he was actually guilty. How does the confrontation go?

Now for something simple. Snow. Just snow.

Until tomorrow…