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Slice 224 of 365

One of the number one things I’ve read about writing fiction is having a strong opening line or paragraph that will pull the reader in, and keep them reading. That doesn’t seem nearly enough to me to make a judgement on a whole book. I’ve never stopped reading a book, not fiction at least, because I need to see how it ends and if it gets better. I think that’s just me though.

Today, I give you random first lines I wrote throughout the day. They are completely out of context and have no real ideas behind them. I just liked the way they sounded.

Who knows, they may end up somewhere in the future.


His pursuit of happiness ended the minute he met her.

Away in the distance, the thunder rolled through the peaks and lightning flashed, as if it were dancing while no one was watching.

She never imagined she’d be standing in the pouring rain attending her own funeral.

Hurling through space at the speed of light was all new to God, in a spacecraft at least.

He opened his closet door, and there was an awful stench. When he looked closer he saw the strangest little creature in the corner. He reached out to touch it, and half his arm disappeared in the little guys jaws.

“You, my dear boy, started with a cheap bottle of tequila and an even cheaper hotel room.”
“Wow, thanks dad…”

The Avalanche sounded like a freight train bearing down down on us. It was thunderous, and scary as hell. Odd thing though, there was no snow on the ground.

You might think that riding around on clouds all day long is a favorable way to spend the day. To tell the truth it’s actually quite boring.

He ate more than I’ve ever seen any other human being eat, and then he kept going.

I closed my eyes, and pulled the trigger. I didn’t feel any thing. Did I die? Am I in heaven? Am I in hell? Opening my eyes I discovered the answer.

Until tomorrow…