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Slice 222 of 365

Today, I think for the first time, I thought when I sat down at my desk to work this morning, that I would rather be writing for a living. I’ve had that fantasy before but never an actual thought of reality. As for how real that could ever be is up in the air, but it feels like more in reach than it ever has before.

Even if Jersey Justice fails miserably I’ll have done it and everybody needs a starting point. I told somebody recently that if it was a failure I’d be angry for the wasted time, but I’m not so sure now because I have so many ideas galloping around my brain all the time these days. I suppose, after five or six failures, I might wish I had the time back then, but it seems a bad idea to think in those terms.

As much as I enjoy the fiction I really should be researching freelance jobs too. I’m always wary about those. Too many horror stories I’ve read, and my only freelance experience could have been better.

I wrote a 500 word article for an online magazine, which I think no longer exists, on working at home and being a single parent. The editor loved my pitch but then had me rewrite it three times and then she basically rewrote it herself anyway. About the only thing she used was my title. I was paid a whopping $25.

It’s more work trying to find, and get the jobs than it is to do them is what it seems like. It’s not like it would be a direct turn around anyway, going from my current job to writing. It would be a slow about face over an undetermined amount of time.

Well, one hurdle at a time. Let’s start with getting Jersey Justice up and out there, and then I’ll go back to attacking the sequel.

It’s volleyball night so I am going to have an early, light dinner, and then show up a bunch of twenty-something’s.

Until tomorrow…