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Slice 220 of 365

For over two weeks now I’ve been working on book stuff. I did my final read, started an author Facebook page and Twitter account. Started a goodreads account and a couple of others. Worked on my Amazon author page and drafted a synopsis and bio.

In doing all that I have not been writing. Check that, I have been writing, just not the Jersey Justice sequel. I was 80 pages in when I got sidetracked so I still feel pretty good about it but I would like to get back to it so the gap between books is as small as possible.

I have so many ideas percolating in my head now, thanks to my unrelenting writer friend, Dena, that I feel like if I don’t start getting them out they will just disappear. I wrote a few paragraphs last night. The story is about a man in a coma but you wouldn’t know that from how I started.

I was having fun writing it, hopefully I’ll get to do some more today. It’s a busy day, out and about, which is why I’m posting early. I’ll take my laptop with me anyway in case some time presents itself it.

That would be fabulous, if time actually presented it self to you and said, “OK, it’s time for this task right now, use it or lose it.”

I’ll get back to the sequel soon. Jotting down some other ideas is a good way for me to not lose them, and also to create different flows in my noggin. I’ve been with these characters for a while now and creating new and different ones is a nice change of pace.

Also the new story line for the coma story is completely different and the new path is exciting to write. It’s like a new relationship, always exciting and tingly at the start.

I considered posting what I wrote but it’s too early, and I really need to get the first project out before I bombard you with too many great things!

Hmmmm, it would seem that talking about myself is getting easier.

Until tomorrow…