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Slice 219 of 365

I have finished season three of Breaking Bad (pause for my boys to cringe at my lameness). Season three you say? Isn’t that, like, old? Well yes it is. I have been distracted. By what I couldn’t tell you, but the last several days I have been in Netflix world catching up.

What got me started again is the new season of Orange is the New Black. I don’t want to watch the new season of that until I finish with Walter White. I had every intention of finishing Breaking Bad but I loved Orange is the New Black so much last year that it was definitely an inspiration to get back on the meth mobile now.

I don’t know if I could possibly give spoilers so late in the game, so all I will say is Damn! A lot has happened. I guess a lot is always happening on that show. The way it is intertwined is just brilliant, to say nothing of the writing.

Part of the reason I’m behind is because I know that I can’t just watch one or two episodes. It sucks me in too much for that. I need to have time to completely drown in it. To watch until I can’t take it any more. The new immersion way of watching TV these days. The binge watch. What I really need to do is binge write but that’s another story.

OK, on to season four.

Until tomorrow…