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Slice 215 of 365

I took some time the other day to transplant some of my house plants (I needed a marketing break). They were either getting too big for their homes, or not in the right pots to start with (no drainage) or needed separating. I also trimmed several plants and put the cuttings into water to root and moved a few around to mix it up.

The other thing I did, although a little late, was plant some seeds a friend had given me. I checked this afternoon and there is some parsley and hollyhocks sprouting in the pots. It’s much easier to control the water there than in the ground outside here in the high desert. It was so much easier to garden in Jersey.

These tiny little green specks that will eventually produce food and flowers. It’s pretty amazing. Just like tiny little babies that produce human beings like Einstein and Mozart.

The newness erupts into life and eventually repeats the cycle.

Pretty cool stuff.

Until tomorrow…