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Slice 214 of 365

Wrote this in my head when I woke up this morning. No idea where I might use it. Guess my brain just needed a break from everything. This was raw, might need some fine tuning but I put it down as soon as my eyes were mostly clear.

A kiss.

It was that simple.

Lips that meet, that touch, that caress, that feel, but most importantly, that convey.

To make her know everything, in that one moment, that one small moment in time, so she would know everything she ever needed to know forever.

She should feel passion, love, simplicity and raw sensuality in every touch of the lips.

From a kiss on the cheek, to the kisses right before making love, the adoration should flow from every cell of my body to connect with every cell of her body. It should be felt to the very core of being and projected outward for the universe to feel.

The mere touch of lip to lip should create a new, shared soul of infinite possibilities that travels the galaxies sharing its magnificence and looking for more. 

This should be every kiss.

Until tomorrow…