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Slice 213 of 365

I wish I had minions to do this. One of the things I need to do for the book release is write a synopsis that also makes people want to read it. I also need a bio about myself. The bio is even weirder because it’s written in third person.

You would think after writing a book with 80,000 words that these two tasks would be a snap. You would be wrong! Not easy for me at least. I just suck at writing about myself and describing my own work.

I’m going to use this as a spring board, and give you a synopsis of the book as a starting point, maybe a bio too. Besides, it kills two birds with one cannoli.

Did you ever need the kind of help that you couldn’t ask anyone for? Not your parents or your siblings? Not even your closet friend in the world? Not even God?

That help is out there. It’s in the form of a bullied youth who finally had enough. It’s in the form of a man, who turned his bullied past into a one-man private army of retribution for the silent majority, too afraid to speak.

Jimmy Vincent lives in Jersey, he was brought up on a strict diet of sarcasm, never being strong enough for his father, and bullies. One day in college he’d finally had enough. It was time to fight back.

From that day on he fought the good fight.

Until one day the good fight turned on him in the form of revenge. A scumbag he helped put away eight years earlier had come home to roost and to take Jimmy down. To complicate matters his baby sister, Carmen, unwittingly got involved by marrying (her fifth time) into the problem and returning to Jersey under less than desirable circumstances.

Jimmy’s childhood friend Marci is always there by his side. Until now, they’ve always remained just friends, but one small slip during the chaotic events following Carmen’s return changes the rules.

Jimmy has to save his sister, save himself and possibly save a new relationship. 

It’s just another day in Jersey.

So, after reading that would you be interested in buying the book? What would you change or like to see? What would make you want to buy it?

Now for the bio. When I set up by author page on Facebook I put “Author and Jedi master” to have a little fun. Both my boys weren’t fond of it, but then Mike said I need to have my own voice too. So with that in mind I wrote this

Vinnie Sorce is an award-winning* author debuting his first book, Jersey Justice.

He’s been a writer for over ten years, selling articles and short stories along with blogging.

He lives in Arizona with one remaining child that hasn’t escaped yet. He likes to read, watch too much TV, wear his heart on his sleeve, and overexamine situations that haven’t occurred yet. Oh, and he eventually wants to save the world. No super powers are making that a difficult job, though.

*Now, when I say award-winning, I mean an award I made up and gave to myself. It was a beautiful ceremony. I cried.

Until tomorrow…