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Slice 212 of 365

I was asked recently what genre I write in. That was an interesting question for two reasons. One, I wasn’t positive what genre, Jersey Justice, was (we finally decided suspense, thriller), and two because, even though I’m writing the sequel, I have other projects which are different genres.

I have at least four or five other things started. My mind doesn’t stay in one place for very long. It’s a pain in the butt when it gets too far away from my body, ya know?

I have a romance kind of thing, maybe about half done.

I have a coming of age one, Nicholas Sparks like, that’s about three chapters in

I have a seven book fantasy series barely started, it’s mostly in my head.

I have a civil war treasure thriller, just a few pages, but a very clear idea of the chaos. Been waiting on this one because I don’t want the NSA showing up at my door.

I have a romantic, revenge story, might be thriller, suspense, that is in pieces so I’m not sure how far along I am there.

And one about a person in a coma, that’s all in my head, not even a title yet. Not sure what to classify that one.

I estimate I have at least three to five years of projects with the above alone, not to mention new ideas that happen. I only came up with that coma idea in the last two weeks.

Of course if writing became a full time gig I bet it would go faster.

So, if anybody is curious about all that stuff up there. You gotta buy the first book when it comes out so I can quit my job and write faster!


Until tomorrow…