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Slice 210 of 365

I had a marketing meeting with my backer last night. It went well. There is not an immense amount of things to do, but I feel overwhelmed just the same! It’s all very new, for both of us.

I’m still doing the final read on Jersey Justice, while not doing any writing on the sequel, but I’m going to start my marketing list today no matter what. This is what I wanted an agent for, the details.

I had a little me time after work today, repotting house plants and taking cuttings, but after dinner I hit it, and hit it hard. I will have a separate Facebook, Amazon and blog page for me, the author, along with a separate Twitter account. As they get done I will push them, so everybody knows they’re there before the book release.

Book release, sounds so totally weird. Maybe I should pick an actual day and then there will be no excuse for procrastinating on my end. Not that I ever need an excuse for that.

I can have a book release party! I’m liking this idea, nothing but junk food, heavy on the ice cream.

A toga, book release party!




John Belushi’s ghost will attend.

Until tomorrow…