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Slice 204 of 365

Thirty short minutes ago, I had an idea in my head and it escaped. I stupidly had dinner, let the idea get off its leash, and apparently left a door open somewhere around my ear, where it flew the coop.Without my consent, my cranium has done some major upgrades to my skull.

There are way more windows and doors than I remember in my head, where anything, from shopping lists, to my kids names, get out on a regular basis. Some never to be found again.  Most are found a few hours later, when it no longer matters.

The weird thing is, with those upgrades, there are plenty of other things which need work and haven’t been touched.

Everyday it seems to get darker in there. There also seems to be some breakers that need replacing. Information seems to get caught at the back of my tongue and suddenly the breaker blows and its lost, with no energy left to exit the mouth. The whole electrical system needs an update.

There are far more cracks and drafts than there used to be, causing cobwebs and dust to gum up the works.

I’m also not thrilled with the new color of the roof. The only good thing is the painters are incredibly slow.

What is needed most is closet space, there is far too much baggage and other clutter all over the place. It needs to thrown away or stored better somewhere in the back.

I don’t know who the contractor is, my brain said it was none of my business, but that’s what you get for taking the lowest bid.

Maybe I can just subcontract my brain activity to an Indian firm.

I wonder if I would have trouble understanding the accent?

Until tomorrow…