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Slice 203 of 365

Well, Jersey Justice is back from editing. The deadline was the 26th, and I hadn’t realized how close that actually was. The cover is done. I need to get the description paragraph done for the Amazon page. I need to sit down with my backer and go over the marketing things that she’s so good at. 

I dislike promoting myself, which I know is ironic, as I sit here writing this blog entry looking for readers. I do not have an explanation for that. Well, actually maybe I do. I do it, and hope people will just find it, and like it, as opposed to advertising it’s here. It automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter, but those are my friends. Plus this is free to read.

It’s different to get people’s attention, and then ask them to pay for something they really don’t need in the first place. I’d also hate for them to not like it. Artists can see how people react to their art, musicians can play for people, screen writers can see fans in the theaters, but reading is a private thing, and I can’t really see people react to it, unless I’m right there. That’s one of the reasons I stay in the same room when Joey reads new chapters, so I can hear him laugh. 

I do not have a go date yet, but I believe I can say it will be in the next two to four weeks. 

So keep watch!

Until tomorrow…