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Slice 202 of 365

It isn’t raining yet, but monsoon season in the southwest is revving up. One of the things I miss most from Jersey is the rain. We don’t get a lot of clouds here, let alone rain. Once in a while, we’ll get a Pacific storm, on occasion we’ll get the remnants of a hurricane that came up the Baja, that happened a few weeks ago. 

But very rarely do we get storms that last for days. Those overcast days where it seems gloomy but they’re really not. Life is water, water is life, that’s why a gloomy looking day is just the opposite. Those dark clouds bring with them one of the things every living, breathing life needs. 

Here, the summer is our rainy season. Usually, it’s the evenings, around twilight. Sometimes the clouds will move in quickly, and sometimes you can see the storms forming from mid afternoon. The wind can be strong and the rain heavy. Sometimes there’s also hail along with the thunder and lightning, that’s my favorite part. 

I sit on the patio and just let the storm inhale me. 

I happen to be in a valley and sometimes the clouds don’t like to climb over the mountain peaks. When that happens I can see the storm clouds and the lightning in the distance. Sometimes the storm forms in the valley and you can see the smaller clouds gather together, almost right over head, to gain strength and rain down.

Funny, I took it for granted back home, and here I look forward to rainy season. 

Weird the things you miss. 

Until tomorrow…