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Slice 201 of 365

I like technology, most of the time that is. I love techie gadgets and everything they can do. When I got my first computer one of the first programs I got to go with it was family tree software.

I entered all the information I knew, and then started pestering relatives to fill in the blanks. My mom’s side of the family has only been here since the mid 50s but my oma was able to get me back over 200 years in ancestry. 

My dad’s family got here at the turn of the last century and I have less info on them. Doing out of country research is harder and somewhere along the line it took a backseat to life. 

Ancestry.com is a great resource but I’ve never wanted to spend the money on it. I need to install my software on my newest machine and import the file and see how far behind I am. I’m pretty I can upload it to Ancestry.com, and it will automatically look for relatives already there and add it to my tree.

They also offer DNA testing for matches and where you’re from. Such cool stuff I could have never imagined. 

I need to get back in gear. Not sure if my kids will keep it up but I’ll do it anyway. I remember it being fun. 

Until tomorrow….